The board of Trustees of Fountain of Joy and Comfort Foundation decided to establish a private University in furtherance of its commitment to promote education. The proposed Margaret Lawrence University is set to be a world-class institution committed to the pursuit of knowledge, innovation and excellence. It is aimed to meet the challenges for economic and human development in Nigeria and the greater world as a whole with focus and commitment in teaching and research.

Once established, the proposed University will provide educational programmes to students which will propel them to become professionally competent with a strong foundation of Christian morality, duty and service to the society. It will be a centre of excellence for teaching ,learning, research, moral orientation and productivity that will produce well-nurtured men and women who are sound in learning, have critical skills, knowledge and appreciation, as well as are worthy in learning and character so as to be valuable to themselves and to society. The proposed University will combine core academic teaching with general studies and entrepreneurial skills to propel students to become professionally competent and be worthy ambassadors in the Nigerian and global communities.