Quality Eye Care

The National Blindness &Low Vision Survey result (2007) show that there are over 1 million adults blind and 3 million visually impaired in Nigeria of which 66% are avoidable. Two out of every three Nigerians blind could have been avoidable. Cataract is the single most common cause of blindness with an estimated 486,000 adults in need of immediate cataract surgery. Globally, uncorrected refractive errors are the main causes of visual impairment. The major causes of blindness are Cataract (50%), Glaucoma (16%), Corneal opacity due to trachoma, trauma, vitamin A deficiency and other infections (12%), macular degeneration (<1%) and others (18%). Top causes of visual impairment: refractive errors, cataracts and glaucoma.

Our Mission

Our mission in Fountain of Joy and Comfort Foundation (FJC) is to bring joy and comfort to humanity through the provision of best eye care by delivering quality eye care services to the poor.

We conduct free medical eye care outreaches in rural communities; bringing eye care services to the door step of the less privileged to enable them access quality eye care services with no charge at all. We have conducted outreaches in different locations including: communities in Delta State, communities in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Ihiagwa in Imo State, Nasarawa State, Kogi State , Enugu State, annual outreaches in Kwara State and Assin Kushea in Ghana. During our medical eye care outreaches, we perform blood pressure test, blood sugar test and comprehensive eye examination. The blood pressure test and blood sugar test is used to screen patients for hypertension and diabetes respectively as these diseases affects the proper functioning of the eye. After the comprehensive eye examination, diagnosis are made and treated appropriately. Treatment options include: prescribed lenses, drugs, counseling and surgeries. We give out over 1,000 prescribed lenses and carry out over 50 surgeries which include cataract, glaucoma, pterygium excision, etc. in each of our outreaches. We give eye health talks in the indigenous language of the different communities during our eye care outreaches. We refer and sponsor indigent patient for surgeries that cannot be performed during the outreaches to the appropriate referral centers both within Nigeria and outside the country. We conduct eye health programs in schools in rural communities to enable teachers screen school children with eye problems and refer them to Fountain of Joy and Comfort Foundation to ensure they are adequately treated. We also print and distribute materials that educate the public on eye health. Our medical team is made up of highly qualified individuals who perform their duties with professionalism, diligence, integrity and most importantly with love and compassion. They are made up of ophthalmologists, optometrists, general nurses, theatre nurses, ophthalmic nurses, anesthetists, lab scientists and pharmacists.

Our vision

Our vision is also in line with the Vision 2020 which Nigeria is a signatory to and it aims to prevent avoidable forms of blindness. We have been able to give a lot of less privileged a right to sight through our outreaches.

Our broad objective is to reduce preventable blindness and save the sight of thousands of indigents in all our target communities.